21 projects selected

Steering Committee

NRP 72 "Antimicrobial Resistance" is getting underway with 21 projects, approved by the National Research Council at the beginning of November 2016.

Steering Committee and implementation managers of NRP 72.

Plans for an additional call

NRP 72 will launch another call in 2017 to fill specific research gaps that have persisted since the first call. In addition, NRP 72 will integrate and fund Swiss research projects that are also part of the European research programme "Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance" (JPIAMR).

Three modules

The projects of NRP 72 fall into three categories that examine different aspects of the resistance problem. Key data about the projects are already published on the web pages of the three modules, more detailed descriptions will follow as of January 2017.

  • Module 1: Development and spread of resistance
  • Module 2: New drugs and faster diagnostic techniques
  • Module 3: Optimised use of antibiotics