In a nutshell: lay summaries of the projects of NRP 72

The researchers of NRP 72 are presenting their projects in 21 lay summaries. All of them are available online from today.

​Resistant genes in an unspoiled landscape, diagnostic tests with glass fibres and lasers, new methods for raising calves. The research projects of NRP 72 cover a wide range of topics because the processes involved in the development and spread of antibiotic resistances are complex: humans, animals and the environment all play a part. For this reason, NRP 72 adopts a One Health approach that requires the collaboration of scientists from different disciplines to study the problem in all its aspects. And the aim is clear: we need to find new ways to stop the development of antibiotic resistance. As of today, the first 21 lay summaries of NRP 72 are available online.

  • Module 1: Development and spread of resistance
  • Module 2: New drugs and faster diagnostic techniques
  • Module 3: Optimised use of antibiotics